Take-aways from the Challenge

Emily Potts, an active writer and blogger on design, got in touch in connection with the Poynter Challenge. She wanted to ask some questions about our findings on behalf of Moxie Sozo, an interactive agency in Boulder. (Moxie understands how content can advance a number of causes.)

You can see all the questions and answers on the Moxie site.

Here’s my rough summary of the Challenge:

“The first [goal] is to make the top of the news simpler with better-designed pages. It needs to be good-looking, and readable. Then there has to be some kind of indication that there’s more in the publication than just that page, some way of sending people to the next story instead of sending them off your site. If you have promos, do related stories that keep readers on your site.

“We have to get rid of the extraneous, crappy ads. We’ve got to calm that down. I mean, if we’re not making money from that, all we’re doing is pushing people away.

“What we really want to do is create experiences that people enjoy, that are branded enough, that are different enough, that once you come back to The Guardian, for instance, you know you’re in The Guardian.

One of the pages from Kate Downs Mulder's amazing redesign of the Washington Post site. Full videos of the presentations—as well as all the assets—will be published here soon!

Roger BlackComment