Five design answers that add up

Next Friday in St. Petersburg, Florida, five well-known designers are presenting their answers to the Poynter News Design Challenge. 

One of the good things about organizing this effort is that I've gotten a peak at what Lucie, Jeffrey, Jared, Mike and Kat are doing. And I am blown away. For one thing, I was imagining we’d see alternatives. But these solutions are additive. You could use them all. Or parts of them. 

Their range includes:

  • Rich, unmistakable branding
  • Amazingly layered typography to tell stories quickly
  • Immersive—and affordable VR
  • Server-side machine learning that creates individual editions

And much more. You can read about the approach of each of the designers here.

The challenge is serious. Fake news crowds real news. Numbers no longer add up for publishers. Readers jump from site to site without knowing where they are, or staying for long. You can see the brief for this project here. 

Can design help? Well, as a I designer, I think it can. I mean, the design of most news pages is not what you’d call attractive. But the solutions proposed at Poynter will be much more strategic than cosmetic. And they’re strategies that can be combined. 

If you have a deep interest in the future of news, you should drop everything next Friday (Jan. 27), and join us for the presentation. A video record and the designs themselves will be posted on this site (eventually), but nothing will substitute for the live event.

Thanks to our sponsor, Will Hearst, the registration fee is a nominal $50. Airfare and a night in a hotel will run you maybe 700 bucks. But I’d say the value of this session in R&D is worth at least 200k to an editor or a publisher. 

There will some big, new ideas presented next Friday!

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