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The Brief

Monday and Tuesday
October 17-18, 2016
Columbia University
Journalism School
New York, New York

Design Presentation

Friday, January 27, 2017
The Poynter Institute
St. Petersburg, Florida

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A Project to Create New Visual Models for Digital News Publications

Sponsored by William R. Hearst III

Can better design create a better user experience that engages readers and drives revenue? Join us in January as we hear from the designers who are developing new models for information display. They will be presenting design concepts based on our initial workshop in October. (You can watch the video replays here.)


Megan H. Chan, director of digital operations at The Washington Post, and a regular participant in Poynter programs

Susan Mango Curtis, educator, designer and consultant—Medill School, Northwestern University

John Temple, managing editor, Investigative Reporting Program, UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism

Chrys Wu, developer advocate at The New York Times, where she leads The New York Times Developers

Dr. Mario Garcia, CEO/Founder of Garcia Media, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

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Jared Cocken, Brand and Product Designer for hire and Co-Founder of STYLSH.co.

Lucie Lacava, President of Lacava Design Inc.

Kat Downs Mulder, Graphics director at The Washington Post.

Mike Swartz, Partner at Upstatement, a design and engineering studio in Boston.

Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder of A List Apart magazine and studio. zeldman.

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This groundbreaking four-month project was conceived by Roger Black, who is the moderator.


Presentation Topics


Affordable immersive VR stories. With practical examples from a team that is telling great stories with limited funding.


News, entertainment, shopping and community engagement experiences to reinvent a publisher’s relationship with its audience.



Hyper-personalized news feeds. This which can become a fully dedicated VR news experience, allowing the user to control and adjust content—and advertising


An informational operating system for a city, with di erent types of products that are not necessarily bundled into a newspaper or traditional news site setting


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First Session Videos

The Brief. New York, Oct. 17-18, 2016